Looking back

Some time ago, I lived in Bozeman, Montana. I was living in small house on the cute north east side of town. I loved Montana and still do. I loved my little 500 SF house. I understood the small house trend and concept since I was literally living in one. But my Montana house was not anything new. It was built in the early 1900s. Small was normal back then. People just didn’t have as much stuff as we do now.

When I was living in Bozeman, I designed this small house floor plan for fun. I found the image as I was looking back through some old files. It is interesting to see what wisdom has bestowed upon us in these years in between.

C:Project files 3D modelsProjects- completedSmall house conceThe climate I am living in now in California is completely different than Montana. Its interesting to see how different and yet how much the same the architecture can be in very different climates.

The house I am now living, in California, was built in the 40s so it is newer, but still lacking in a few areas. One of which is storage, and the other is outdoor connection. California entry closets are a rarity. Southern California’s climate is very mild. It is place where you can practically live outdoors much of the year, so houses are being remodeled now to open up to the out door living spaces. This year I plan to focus on redoing and rethinking our backyard living.

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