New Office Space

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This project entailed creating a new office space that was detached from the house. It began with the design of something called a Tuff Shed. The tough shed provided the frame work: walls, exterior cladding, roofing, windows and doors (all selected by us and dimensioned to our specifications). The tough shed product was the most economical, and timely way to get the project complete. This project used some customization including colors, ceiling height, door and window upgrades. It came with an unfinished interior, meaning bare studs on the interior. So a separate contractor was hired to finish the interiors, insulation, sheetrock, flooring, and wiring. Along with this project was the demolition and construction of the exterior patio space. It included the construction of pergola, demolition of concrete and brick pavers and installation of new concrete. The interiors of this office space is complete but the exterior landscaping is still in progress.
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Design Philosophy and Concept

Creativity and passion drive us. Client's are worked closely with to define a style for their project. This style is then celebrated with complimentary colors, textures, patterns that create delightful, thoughtful and inspiring designs. A common theme within the designs is that they strive to articulate and encapsulate within the project the elements of nature. The embodiment of nature into the designs is done for environmental sensitivity, and health awareness. These designs desire to spark the senses, imagination and the emotions.
Each time a client comes to me, they bring a new challenging requirement. We had a client who wanted a house that would only use as much electricity as a 100 watt bulb. Each client brings an unique challenge that we are excited to meet their objectives and exceed their expectations and along the way have some fun. The trick to good design is taking the client’s idea in their head and aligning with it and also adding to that design. Design is about creating this ideal lifestyle- it is very individualistic.
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