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Want a distinctive design that expresses your flair, sophistication and spirit? Our dedication and determination is embodied in every design and it is individually crafted for each client. Each Studio Plank design is delivered with a sense of understatement, and sophistication within any budget. Many hours are spent carefully creating a personalized design for clients. Along the way we keep clients informed and make the process fun. Vanessa Hofmann, the founder of Studio Plank, has passion, experience to lead client’s projects to become crafted luxury, breathtaking, exhilarating design. These designs reflect your spirit and flair in a clean, elegant and creative way.

DESIGN | ARCHITECTURE | LANDSCAPE | We work on small medical facilities and homes for single families from landscape to architecture to interior design. We are a full service design studio from concept through to completion of construction. Our design services are tailored to the spectrum of client needs. The designs are thoughtfully integrated, hiply designed, and refreshingly engineered. Each design is uniquely crafted for each client; they are an expression of individuality that create a personalized architectural style. By engaging in the design services of a professional rather than working directly with a contractor or builder, client's are provided with many outstanding design solutions that will avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary confusion. We are professionals. This isn't our first rodeo. By having a well executed design it increases the enjoyment of the spaces, and the actual value of that usable space. Design services are an excellent investment in your home and business. Studies have shown that thoughtfully developed spaces can increase the value of a home by up to twenty percent. Whatever your design needs, our design services can take it from dream to fruition while keeping an eye on the practical considerations of time, and budget.

MEDICAL For our medical clients we practice space planning strategies and tactics to turn floor space into greater productivity and a profit builder. We work with clients to discover bottlenecks and backups and ways to optimize proper presentation for product line.

LANDSCAPE DESIGN We provide design ideas, landscape plans and planting plans and lighting plans. While also providing construction drawings to match the concept with the finished desired aesthetic. We work with implementing these designs with a landscape contractor of your choice. Also in the works is ability to design custom sculptural pieces, garden art, that reflect the personality of our client's. We provide the services you need from design through construction. We are here to help. Give us a call and we will see if we are compatible in the style and personality that is best suited for your project. If it isn't us, we will be honest and we can point you in another directions. The design process is collaborative through to construction so the entire team needs to have trust, and confidence in the partnership.